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Q: Who is someone you admired or had a crush on when you were little that you still know of now.  Has how you feel about them changed?

A: One of my favorite movies when I was around nine or ten years old was Stand And Deliver. It’s a story about Jaime Escalante, a teacher at a rough high school in East L.A. He  invested a lot of time energy, and love into teaching a class of  math students who were at risk. Nobody believed that those kids from the inner city could learn calculus, but they did. I know now that movies based on actual events are very dramatized, but the message is still the same. I always felt that what Mr. Escalante taught was important. We all need to believe in ourselves, even when others don’t. It’s not important where you come from or what others may say about you or your chances to succeed. Hardly anyone is born into ideal circumstances, but we all have a chance to become something great, if we dig deep into our hearts and reach for our dreams. To this day , I take the message with me, many times reinforced.

Did you have a hero as a child? Was it someone famous? Do you still look up to that person now?

Jan 032012

So, today on Twitter someone was complaining about people who blog to make friends and get free stuff. While I can agree that no one should be blogging in an attempt to get merchandise for free in exchange for giving the company publicity, I don’t see what’s so wrong with making friends. I mean yes you write because you love it, because you have something to say, or because it’s your job; but why is it so wrong to hope that someone will read what you wrote and come to like what you represent enough to want to get to know you better? Am I supposed to be sitting here in an aloof attempt to thrust my so called knowledge on masses of people as though I were in an ivory tower? That seems a little pretentious, if you ask me. I certainly wouldn’t say that anyone should write anything in an attempt to gain notoriety, but sharing a part of yourself with others isn’t exactly nefarious. So if I share something here, and it touches you, and you want to share in return I consider that success.  Anyway, that’s really all I have to say on the matter. I hope you’re having a great evening. Rest well.

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