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Happy Monday everyone! Today is the start of a new week. I’m sad to see the weekend go (aren’t we all?), but I’m glad to be able to share with you today.

Yesterday we took our little bean to his very first pumpkin patch type outing. We went with a few other moms in the area, and I think the babies had a blast. My little guy will be two in a few short months, so he was up for all sorts of outdoor freedom. He loved the hayride, and was especially happy about the little rubber duck races that were set up. He loves all things water related. We didn’t venture into the corn maze, because 10 acres of corn confusion with a stroller and an easily irritated toddler just didn’t sound like my idea of a relaxing afternoon. He laughed and played with the other babies. He did really well until the pig races. He was fine with the pigs and the racing , but he was tired and needing a snack , so we took our exit. We had a great bit of family time and that was enough for one day.

I’m sure if you’ve read the title of this post you’re wondering if nap time is supposed to be the bitter part. It isn’t, but that’s what I’d like to talk about now.

Today, October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. It’s a day to remember all the families who have lost children during pregnancy or shortly after. This is a day close to my heart because two years ago, we lost our own beautiful baby girls, when I miscarried. As much as we adore our little bean, we never forget the love we had for our girls. It’s the kind of thing that can be hard to talk about for those going through it, as well as those who love them.

Today is a day you can show your support for friends or family members who have experienced this type of loss. You don’t have to do anything big, just light a candle at 7 p.m. and remember. And if someone you know is going through this sad time right now, just let them know you care.  Let them know it’s OK to grieve in their own way, and be a safe place for them to express their feelings. There’s no better gift you can give than a quiet moment, a hug, or a listening ear.

So take a moment today, and offer up a prayer for all those who have lost a part of their family, and a little piece of their heart. It will undoubtedly be appreciated.

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