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Hey errbody! It’s Monday, and thankfully the sun is shining inside and out.  My fellow BLM girl and blog crush, Mimi of Lipgloss and Binky has started an awesome Monday MANIcure blog hop. And since we all know my bloodstream is half polish by now, it’s right up my alley. I didn’t really feel like doing my nails this weekend. And if I don’t feel like doing them the results are always pretty disastrous. So this morning when I was feeling better, I picked out a couple of nice polishes and went to town. Doing my nails is definitely my way of escaping the everyday routine of life for a few minutes. It’s nice to have a little time to think about nothing more than how pretty your nails will look when they’re done!

For this week’s mani, I decided to go green. I used Zoya Bevin as a base with Essie As Gold As It Gets to add a little shimmer. I love that Bevin is sort of a dusty sage color, but it still feels light instead of heavy and too earthy. I hadn’t really given As Gold As It Gets it’s due as an effect top coat. I’ve been so in love with my Shine Of The Times topcoat that I always used it instead. When I found out it has been discontinued I decided to ration it(yeah I’m crazy enough to ration nail polish, what?). The flakes in As Gold As It Gets are slightly smaller and more delicate than the iridescent flakes in Shine, and so they give  more of a  pixie dust feel. I’m already loving this combo!

So what polish are you rocking this week? Do you use your manicure as a means of relaxation? P.S. I am in love with pixlr. It makes more shabby point and shoot pics look almost ready for publication LOL. If you want to be part of the blog hop click that link up there, and get in on the fun. Have a great Monday lovlies!


So we’ve already discussed my errr passion for nail polish. Well, today I was looking for a new manicure combo, and I think I may have discovered a new favorite. As usual, I was having some kind of a time figuring out exactly what colors I wanted to use. I had an unfortunate break on my index finger so I had to cut all my nails down. I needed something kind of fall appropriate (even though I pretty much wear what I want, when I want), and something that would look good on short nails. Of course I thought about leaving my inner magpie behind and not doing a glitter accent. But wouldn’t you know, that sneaky little glitter bug caught up with me?

Anyway I decided to go with On A Trip, a cool sort of deep periwinkle from the Wet N Wild Megalast line. I have to say I wasn’t sure these polishes would live up to the hype, but I’ve worn it before and it really does stay like a champ. It even rivals my beloved Essie polishes in quality, for only a quarter of the price! For my accent nail I decided on my new Essie luxe effects polish in A Stroke Of Brilliance. It’s in the same family of periwinkle, but with a slighter cooler undertone. For added brilliance, I topped it all off with Seche Vite top coat. It’s pricey, but you can’t beat the high shine finish and the extremely fast dry time. With a toddler running  around the house the dry time is key.

And here are the results:

On my nails- Two coats Wet ‘N Wild On A Trip. Accent Nail One Coat Essie A Stroke Of Brilliance over one coat of On A Trip.

So what do you think? Is this a winning combination? What colors are you into this season? Do you pay attention to seasons/trends or just do what you like?


I wish it was Sunday, that’s my fun day…. Anybody else remember that song? It’s a classic.

Anyway, it’s the start of a new week. How are you feeling about it? I’m pretty exhausted, yet really excited. This weekend was full of projects and house stuff, but I did have a chance to get out a little by myself (which happens almost never), so I thought I’d give you a little mini haul action.

  I picked up a few things that I needed for a fun project this week. I love the dangly earrings, so fun! I’m also really excited to try out the c. Booth  Strawberry Fields Body Scrub and Cleanser. It smells exactly like a strawberry milkshake guys! If it exfoliates and cleanses well, I’ll do a full review. I also got a new vampy nail polish from Essie. I’m not usually a red nail polish girl, but it has just enough of a berry undertone to it that I think it’ll be a great addition to my growing polish collection. Plus, it’s called Head Mistress, so it’ll give me more power and authority, right? O.o If you see anything else you want to know more about, just leave a comment.


Did you know I have a Facebook page? You should definitely check it out! All week long I’ll be posting sneak peeks of my bedroom makeover, before the big reveal on Friday. Get on over there and “like” it so you won’t miss anything.

I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing weekend.  I pray that this week starts out great ,and only gets better for all of us.

<3 Bran

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