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Woooooooooo! It’s the weekend. Today’s question is just as light-hearted as a summer Saturday afternoon. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your day!

Q: What does Disney mean to you?

A: Since I’m a So. Cal girl, born and raised, Disney is part of my birth right, LOL. I’ve grown up with the movies, and the theme parks. I know Disney has a reputation for being controversial; from their expansion to their corporate culture, people seem to have very strong feelings about this company. I however, think that the Disney legacy, of imagination and creativity, is amazing. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Disney characters. I also admire the company’s attention to detail, and the fact that it demands the best of its employees.

The thing I enjoy the most is that the quality of the Disney experience lends itself to the establishment of tradition. I grew up going to Disneyland with my parents. It was something I looked forward to every time. The anticipation of that magical experience is palpable. So, as a mother, I look forward to sharing that same magical feeling with my son. Last year my husband and I went to Disney World for our anniversary. Our son was only 3 months old at the time,but he still enjoyed himself very much. He loved the huge crowds of people and even giggled a little at the rides and attractions. The best part, for me, was seeing the sense of wonder on my husband’s face when we walked into the Magic Kingdom. He had never been to any of the Disney parks, and he kept saying, “It’s like a whole other world.” Not many companies strive to give their guests that kind of experience these days. I cherish the idea that on any day, at any time and in any mood, I can walk through a tunnel into a place that I know will make me smile, and give me a feeling of child like whimsy.

I love Disney. Do You? Are there any other companies or experiences you hold close to your heart? Are there any traditions you like to share with your family?

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