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Yeah, It’s my blog so I can post stuff like this. My husband is the best. No Contest. You probably think your husband is the best. Unfortunately …nope.

I am a planner and I am high strung. I am a perfectionist. Sometimes these facts in concert lead to me collapsing when I get close to a deadline and things start to look bleak. Then my husband becomes like Super Spider Man.

Last night I was feeling the pressure. You know that point when it seems like even though you’ve been working your tush off, nothing is really happening? There’s the point where all of your hard work just seems like you’re looking into a fun-house mirror, and you will be endlessly repeating that same series of steps forever and ever.  Well, I was there. I was tired beyond reason, and there was still just so much to do. That’s when my superhero husband steps in and demands that I go to bed. I tell him I can’t just go to sleep, there’s too much work to be done. He tells me he’s got it covered. I am , of course, a huge control freak, so I insist that I must stay up and work. Then the magical thing happens, and the next thing I know I’m tucked into bed and sleeping. And now, Here I am awake again, sitting in my living room, with everything I needed.

I know he would say it’s OK, we’re a team. I suppose that’s really what this whole thing is about in a nutshell. I know that he has my back, and I have his. But waking up to this amazing gift today, just gives me that little lift I needed to keep going this morning.

This whole experience makes me understand what it means when the Bible says that a man should love his wife as Christ loves the church. We often feel compelled to handle things on our own. We feel the pressure to do everything ourselves, and to do it perfectly. The thing is, we don’t have to. We aren’t meant to. God is standing right next to us, ready to have our back. What we really need to do is surrender. We need to unclench, release control, and understand that God’s got it.

So yes, I have the best husband, ever. And it’s mostly because he truly loves me the way God does. I am absolutely humbled to be the recipient of such love today.

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