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Jan 112012

Hey there. I was just doing a little middle of the night cleaning (no I’m not a meth addict, just a mom) and my mind wandered to a movie I used to love watching over and over.

Anybody else out there remember 2Ge+her? If not, let me fill you in. The mid to late 90′s was a time awash in pop music. There were girl groups and boy bands galore. Being a child of the  80′s  and early 90′s new wave/grunge era I was kind of in my own special  hell. Then, in 2000 a shining beacon of satire was set ablaze by all that was good at MTV.

2ge+her (or to be less confusing Together) was an awesome faux boy band created for MTV’s first full length, made for cable movie. I remember watching the movie with my little brother who learned most of his snark and disdainful sarcasm from me ( passing on those desirable traits to the young’ns is what I do).  The movie chronicles the formation of the band through a “reality” style documentary. Each of the band members represents one of the archetypes represented in most boy bands. Jerry O’Keefe  “the heartthrob”, Chad Linus  “the shy one”, Doug Linus “the older brother”, “QT” McKnight “the cute one”, and Mickey Parke “the bad boy”, are all enlisted by the Svengali like Bob Buss and begin their journey to boy band stardom in a run down RV.

The back-story on each of the guys was so deliciously ridiculous, that I couldn’t help but fall in love. Chad the teen pageant king? And Doug, his balding waaaaay older brother who gets braces to appear more “youthful” to fans? Pure genius. And then, there’s the crown jewel that is Mickey Parke. Suburban gangster all the way. The movie has so many quotable lines, that my brother and I can still do a Together bit at any family gathering, should we so choose.

The thing about Together is, they didn’t just make a movie making fun of boy bands. They became an actual thing. It was great to see these guys singing songs with lines like,  “You took my sweater my hat, I can’t find my cat…” and”You plus me, it doesn’t equal us. You took my car now I gotta take the bus.”, actually charting against real bands that weren’t joking. I mean, these guys were on TRL. For weeks. They went on tour with Britney Spears. They even got their own TV show.  It was a genre inside a genre that ranks right up there with The Monkees. And in the long run it poked fun at the fanatic inside of all of us.

If you haven’t seen it, and you’re looking for some fun PG-13 humor, you should check it out. The movie is available on DVD. I think I might get a copy before our family vacation this spring. It’s time to relive a little early adulthood and have a good laugh.

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