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Hodie Hi! I’m back again. This past weekend we went to Target to pick up some things we needed around the house.  And, as usual, we ended up coming out with a bunch of stuff that wasn’t on the list.  So I thought, why not share my extra purchases with all of you?! I know some people aren’t into the whole “haul” thing, but I think they’re a bunch of fun. The second best part of going shopping is coming home and sharing what you got with friends and family. Since I moved away from home, I haven’t really been able to force invite my family to share in my joy.


My small haul

While we were in the baby department hunting down diapers, I decided to check out the kids’ clothes. Big mistake. I was really only looking for training pants, because it’s time to start potty training the bean. He really loves Spider-man (or Sidah-man as he calls him), so when I saw tiny little Spider-man undies I couldn’t help myself. He also needs a new pair of Spider-man jammies. He wears the pair he has now every single time they come out of the dryer. Unfortunately there were none to be had. We did find a pretty awesome Spider-man hoodie.  And a Spider-man shirt that was on clearance for only $2.70! Score! So now the little man is set with Spider-man gear until his next growth spurt. And because I am a super cool mom, we got a tiny bottle of Mr. Bubble in the dollar section. Was I the only one jealous of the kids with Mr. Bubble as a kid? I always had to use grown up bubble bath. None of them had a funny looking guy made of bubbles as a mascot. As you can tell I had a totally dark childhood. >_> We also picked up some Suave for kids de-tangling spray. I keep trying new things to tame the bean’s curly mop. He’s not a huge fan of hair combing, so I thought this might help make grooming less stressful.

As a momma you've got to treat yo' self!

As a momma you’ve got to treat yo’ self!

I also got a few mommy treats while we were out. I saw an article on Nouveau Cheap a couple of weeks ago saying that Target had started selling Pacifica products. I had seen their bath and body products on Sephora’s website, but I’m not one to buy things like that without being able to smell them  first. I decided to try out the  coconut water facial cleansing cloths and a set with trial sized products in the blood orange scent. There will definitely be more on those later. I also endeavored to be a tiny bit more budget conscious and try out one of Target’s teas. I’m not a huge tea drinker, but I really enjoy the Tazo Passion tea. Well imagine my delight when I found an Archer farms tea just like it that was organic and almost $2.00 cheaper!

Yup, Target got me once again! It seems like every time I go into that place I find something else I didn’t know I needed. How about you? Did you get any treats this weekend? If so please share! I absolutely LOVE seeing what other people pick up in the course of errand running.

Be on the lookout for my review of the Pacifica stuff and the tea. I’ll let you know if you should get pulled into the T-zone too! Hope you’re all having a fantastic week!

Jan 162013


I try not to talk too much about my son here. Not because I don’t love him to pieces, but because I’m afraid it might become annoying to those of you without children. I’m not really a “mommy blogger” anyway. I just like to talk about things I like, and that includes my kid. So from now on there will probably be more posts about the bean. He is becoming increasingly independent, and as such, increasingly hilarious and at times trying. I hope that sharing little bites of our life together will give some of you a chuckle. And I hope that some of you will relate to this adventure we call parenting.

The bean has been learning to take care of things. As he approaches his second birthday he has become fond of being a “parent” to his toys. He has a set of little cloth dolls my mom bought for him when I was still pregnant. There’s Ez Jr. who has brown hair and blue eyes, just like the bean. There’s also a little twin boy and girl that he has named Tiggin and Andry. Where he came up with those names I will never know. He has been carrying Tiggin around for the last few weeks as he plays, including him in most of his daily activities. One afternoon he put him down for a nap. We have a sort of ritual that we do each bedtime with Ezra. He gets a hug, and a kiss, and a mugga (our term for Eskimo kisses). When he put Tiggin down for his nap he gave him a hug, a kiss, and a mugga. He also said,”Nap, Nap.” , and covered him with a corner of his blanket. It was adorable, and made me feel like we must be doing something right for him to be so loving toward his little guy.

Well today he turned the tables. He was walking around, with Tiggin in hand, when he started ranting at him. He didn’t yell, but he affected a very stern tone to his voice. He was telling him all the things he’s not allowed to do. These  ranged from no cookies, no pizza, to no boxes and no juice. Then he raised his index finger and shook it at the doll while saying, “Sit down.”  When he realized I was watching him, he pointed his finger at me and repeated the phrase,  then giggled.

I suppose I could feel badly about this. I mean who wants to think that their child only thinks of them as a disciplinarian? I could get all neurotic about it. I knew I would have to deal with my child mocking me at some point, but before his second birthday?  But I choose not to feel that way about this situation. The overall gist of things is that he’s learning. He’s listening to us, and he knows what we expect. He may not like all of the no’s, but he’s learning his boundaries. He’s even passing them on in his own little way.

As much as I don’t want to feel like the bad guy in this relationship with my little man, I’m glad to know that he can take me seriously. I also know that his rant represents a very small portion of what makes up his life. I know I don’t scream at him, or make him cry unnecessarily. I don’t bruise his spirit. I only challenge his will. And really, that’s my job. Someday it’s going to be his job too. And from what I’ve seen, he’s going to be amazing when the time comes. :)



Happy Monday everyone! Today is the start of a new week. I’m sad to see the weekend go (aren’t we all?), but I’m glad to be able to share with you today.

Yesterday we took our little bean to his very first pumpkin patch type outing. We went with a few other moms in the area, and I think the babies had a blast. My little guy will be two in a few short months, so he was up for all sorts of outdoor freedom. He loved the hayride, and was especially happy about the little rubber duck races that were set up. He loves all things water related. We didn’t venture into the corn maze, because 10 acres of corn confusion with a stroller and an easily irritated toddler just didn’t sound like my idea of a relaxing afternoon. He laughed and played with the other babies. He did really well until the pig races. He was fine with the pigs and the racing , but he was tired and needing a snack , so we took our exit. We had a great bit of family time and that was enough for one day.

I’m sure if you’ve read the title of this post you’re wondering if nap time is supposed to be the bitter part. It isn’t, but that’s what I’d like to talk about now.

Today, October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. It’s a day to remember all the families who have lost children during pregnancy or shortly after. This is a day close to my heart because two years ago, we lost our own beautiful baby girls, when I miscarried. As much as we adore our little bean, we never forget the love we had for our girls. It’s the kind of thing that can be hard to talk about for those going through it, as well as those who love them.

Today is a day you can show your support for friends or family members who have experienced this type of loss. You don’t have to do anything big, just light a candle at 7 p.m. and remember. And if someone you know is going through this sad time right now, just let them know you care.  Let them know it’s OK to grieve in their own way, and be a safe place for them to express their feelings. There’s no better gift you can give than a quiet moment, a hug, or a listening ear.

So take a moment today, and offer up a prayer for all those who have lost a part of their family, and a little piece of their heart. It will undoubtedly be appreciated.


I got you with that title didn’t I? But I promise it’s not what you think.

Today I have been fighting a losing battle with my son. This happens often because he’s a little (read incredibly) stubborn. I want him to do something, and that thing immediately becomes the last thing he would do before death.

Today’s battle is trying to get him to call me mommy. Or trying to get him to call me anything, really. Don’t worry he can speak. He says lots of things like yogurt, and water, and bath, and circle, and of course DADDY!

  Normally this wouldn’t bother me. I have always wanted my son to have a great relationship with his dad. As someone who grew up with the equivalent of an absent father, it is a true blessing to be married to someone who loves and cares for my child as much as I do. I love their little bonding experiences. I like that they watch super hero cartoons on Saturday mornings. It even touches my heart in a special way when, every morning, my son gets a little sad that his dad has to leave for work. I wouldn’t change any of those things. I just wish I was in on the fun.

My son and I are a lot a like. We’re both stubborn, and we both know how to push other people’s buttons. He’s a very smart little guy and he knows what’s going on around here. So when he picks up a picture of our little family and smiles and then points to my husband and says with glee, “Daddy!”, he knows he’s got me. “And who is this?”, I say pointing to myself. He stares blankly. “Is that mommy?” I try. Nothing.  OK time to move on.

Our day continues, and it’s time for lunch. We’re very fortunate to live close to my husbands place of employment. He comes home for lunch everyday. My son likes to stand on our couch and look out the window, just to watch what’s going on in the world. He sees his dad pull up to the curb. A smile breaks out across his face. “YAY! Daddy.” He is beside himself. He starts to jump up and down, and when the door opens a hearty “DAD!” , greets my husband.  Blah.

I don’t want to seem petty. I’m not, really. I promise. Like I said, I LOVE that my guys are so close. But I’m a stay at home mom. I’m here everyday, all day long. I’m very grateful for that. But sometimes I feel like maybe I just blend into the background with my son. He’s growing so fast and he’s changing from a cuddly little teddy bear, into this independent roly poly little man. He’s ready to take on the world. And apparently his companion of choice is daddy.

I guess I had hoped that I’d get a little more time at the center of his world. He was grown inside my secret heart.  He crawled into my lap as a reality I couldn’t have fathomed beforehand. Is it silly of me to feel this way? Probably, but it doesn’t change the facts. My little boy is not only mine. The separation has begun. It is what I am striving for, in all honesty. My job is to make sure that when he is ready, the separation is clean and well prepared for. Maybe his independent spirit means I am doing my job. But it’s still a little bitter sweet.

I was joking around and asked my husband why it seems our son likes him more. His answer? “He doesn’t like me more. He just doesn’t see me as much… we both have penises.”  How can I argue with that logic?

Have any of you moms felt this way? Am I totally insane? Tell me this is normal :) Anyway I love you all and hope you have a fabulous weekend.

<3 Bran


I was thinking this morning; why can’t there be substitute mommies? Like, when you want to call in sick or take a mental health day? I know this is a departure from the whole my life is so fulfilled by having this sweet little person attached to me at all times script we all feel we have to follow, but I’m just being honest. It would be so cool to have a network of substitute mommies on speed dial. Like highly trained special agents you could get to take over for a day. Not the horrible type of sub that used to ignore your teacher’s lesson plans and let chaos reign in the classroom. We’re talking about super professional, knows how to handle your kids and their specific needs, subs. Then I could take a nap, or a series of naps! I could go to a spa. I could even convince my husband to play hooky from work and have an entire day date!  And these super sub mommies, they wouldn’t be family or friends. They wouldn’t be people you were worried would judge you for being tired or frustrated. This would be their whole job and purpose in life. They also wouldn’t be so good you’d be afraid your kids would love them more than you after spending a few hours with them. They would be sworn to secrecy, and no one would ever even know you called them in.

Is this a crazy idea? Or is it something all moms secretly dream of? You tell me!


I’m having a moment. Please allow me to share it with you. I just signed up for a “mommy group” in my area. I’m kind of freaking out right now. I guess what you need to know is, I’m sort of a loner. I’m an introvert, so I don’t really crave social interaction. I’m the kind of person who has to practice for parties. And then I still end up wallflower-ing it up in a corner, people watching. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t hate people. I actually enjoy people. I just do it from… afar. And now I have a one year old son, who needs socialization. So what wins out? My need to be alone? Or his need to get out into the world. The answer is: he wins.

He’s been winning for over a year now, honestly. When I was pregnant I ate things I wouldn’t normally eat, because he gave me strange cravings.  I mean, I don’t normally eat habanero cheeseburgers and chocolate milkshakes. I really don’t like chocolate ice cream. But he was in there screaming, “Hey I want a chocolate milkshake!” So I drank them, and he shut up. Then it was time to give birth and I was all “Hey little one, time to meet the world”, and  he was like, “Nope. Come in and get me.”  And he won… again. Now this.

Obviously I care about what my son needs. Obviously I’m willing to put aside my own fear and anxiety because he needs me to. He needs to grow. He needs to meet new people. He can’t live in a bubble forever. That doesn’t change the fact that I’m going to have to do some deep breathing and clenched teeth smiling in order to get through this.

Do all mother’s face these challenges. Have you ever been nervous to be around other moms? What’s your story? Help me out with some tips for fitting in with a new group. I only have until Friday to master this.

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