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Jun 172013

Whew! That weekend went by fast. How was your Father’s Day? Did anyone do anything super over the top for your dad? Luckily, my husband is super low key. We stayed in and had a marathon of our new favorite show, Suits. I just love a good legal drama/comedy.

This week’s manicure has no fancy embellishments. The color itself is so vivid and eye-catching that it doesn’t need any help to get noticed. A couple of weekends ago I was doing my regular Ulta run, looking for new polish, when I happened upon the Essie Neon collection for this summer. There were some really pretty shades, but this one really caught my eye. I’m a sucker for a good blue polish. Even more so for a good cobalt blue. So of course, Bouncer, It’s Me! was right up my alley. Also, can we take a moment and appreciate how much Essie is stepping up their naming game? I think we can all admit that we’ve bought at least one polish simply because of the catchy name!


Anyway, I grabbed this puppy up and rushed home to try it out. When I started applying the first coat I was a little worried. To be honest I thought this polish was going to ruin the beautiful relationship I have with Essie and their flawless formula. This polish has a very weird consistency at first. It was streaky. And it starts drying very quickly, so going back to try to even things out just started removing big patches. I was so shocked, that I actually looked up other reviews to find out if it was just my bottle, or what. Everything I read said that the first coat was problematic, but the second coat did the magic self leveling trick and everything finished flawlessly. I was super skeptical. But all the pictures seemed to show a beautiful even finish, so I soldiered on. And wouldn’t you know, the second coat actually fixed everything!  And a little bonus. Because of the “neon” pigment this polish dries to a satin, semi matte finish. It looks sort of like matte vinyl before applying top coat. It’s a great effect, if you’re bored with super shiny nails. I topped it with Seche Vite because I just love super shiny nails. I did notice that there was more tip wear than normal with this shade, but I was able to wear it in the pool without any chipping. In fact I wore this for about 6 days before I removed it and there was no chipping at all.  SCORE!


This color is simply gorgeous. It’s not what I would call NEON but it’s definitely got a cool “glow” to it. It’s also a jelly polish. But not the super sheer takes a ton of coats to build it up jelly. It’s actually opaque after 2 coats (3 if you do really thin coats), but it still has that juicy, squishy look. So if you’re in the market for a beautiful cobalt to add to your collection, grab this as soon as possible!



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