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Hey guys! We made it through another week here, and that’s awesome. I thought that I would like to start sharing a little more regularly. And instead of stressing over what when where how and why, I decided to take it easy and just bring you 5 random thoughts about my life this week.

1. Eating at home is good for your budget and the food tastes better, but sometimes you really just need pizza, ya know?

2. Never try to separate a toddler and his toy laptop. It will not end well.

3. Some people have and after dinner drink, I am having after dinner brownies and milk.

4. I relaxed my hair last week after almost 2 years. I don’t regret it.

5. There are few things in this world worth fighting for. Love is definitely on the top of that list.

So what’s going on with you this week? Do you have any wisdom to share?

Have a great weekend. I’ll see you on Monday!



Honey Sweetheart Uniquelybrandid

Hey dude, what’s up? I hope you don’t mind me calling you dudes. It’s the California girl in me.

I know you’re like, ” Wait, it’s not Monday what are you doing getting all willy nilly with the posting? ” Well I wanted to share something with you because it’s awesome, and I’m kind of obsessed. Also it’s on sale so I figured you might want to check it out.

This past weekend I went on a little trek to Bath and Body Works. I was looking for new candles and a room spray. Well I kind of bombed on the candle front, but I did find a pillow spray and this amazing scent that I am addicted to now.

Disclaimer: I’m not usually a fan of Bath and Body Works fragrances. Well that’s not completely accurate. There have been a few specific scents that I enjoy, but as years go on I just don’t find myself drawn to many of the new scents they bring out. So when I saw the new America’s Sweethearts line I wasn’t expecting much. First of all the packaging is a little tween-y. But don’t let that distract you. I picked up the Honey Sweetheart scent and I just … I don’t know. I’m not a girl who really likes sweet smells. I’m much more into sophisticated florals, water scents, and woods. But for some reason this scent just called to me.

Honey Sweetheart includes notes of honeyed violets and pink sugar. Yes that’s right honey, flowers, and cotton candy. Definitely not my go to kind of fragrance. I’ll admit that I can’t see myself wearing this for a super dressy special occasion. But there is just something lovely and sweet about this that makes it perfect for everyday. It feels especially girly , but not in juvenile way. And the best part  is that the scent isn’t cloying. You won’t be driving people crazy walking down the hall smelling like the dessert booth at your county fair.  It’s the kind of scent that just makes you want to smile.  Ever since I purchased it, I’ve been spraying it on at least 4 times a day. It’s kind of crazy.

There are two other scents in the Sweethearts collection: Daisy Dreamgirl and Berry Flirt. When I  was in the store they were buy 2 get 2 free, so I picked up the Daisy Dreamgirl  fragrance spray and body wash as well. It’s a very refreshing and subtle floral scent, and I enjoy it. But Honey Sweetheart has captured my heart. Right now you can get these Buy 3 get 2 free on the Bath and Body Works website. I’m not sure if these are limited edition or not, but I’d snatch them up while you can!

Have you ever been surprised by a fragrance? What are your go to feel good smells?


Mar 042013

Hey! It’s Monday! We made it through another weekend. I hope you all got rested and charged up for this week.  Boy! Let me tell you. I have got a lot of stuff to show you all in the next few weeks.

But this week let’s start off with a request from Alisha of Coily Locks. She asked for swatches of the two glitters from last week’s post over black and white. I aim to please, so here they are.

Different Dimension All Red-y In Love on index and ring fingers; Aorta Miss You Bu I Don't on middle and pinky finger.

Different Dimension All Red-y In Love on index and ring fingers; Aorta Miss You But I Don’t on middle and pinky finger.

Different Dimension All Red-y In Love on index and ring fingers; Aorta Miss You But I Don't on middle and pinky finger.

Different Dimension All Red-y In Love on index and ring fingers; Aorta Miss You But I Don’t on middle and pinky finger.

I just want to let you all know that if there’s ever anything you want to see here, leave me a request. I want to make this a place you like to share with me. And I can’t get better without input.

Now on to this weeks manicure.

It’s been oddly cold this week. So of course I’ve been daydreaming of Spring and summer. I decided that if I can’t frolic in the sand and sun I can at least let them inspire me. I used Zoya Zuza and Godiva to create a sand and sea mani. I really like that I can use my Pixie Dust polishes with a top coat to create a whole new finish. I didn’t want to do anything too fussy so I just used some tape to create triangle accents.  And because I’m a weirdo I made one triangle at the base of my index finger instead of the tip like all the others. Anywho, I hope you like it.

Sand and Sea UniquelyBrandid

Sand and Sea Flash UniquelyBrandid

Are you ready for spring and summer?  What are you looking forward to the most in the coming seasons?


Remember that this week’s MANICure Monday is being hosted by Efie at LA Lynn’s. click the link below to see what’s up!


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