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Feb 072013

Hey guys! You may have noticed that I didn’t post a Mani Monday this week. or maybe you didn’t notice/ Who knows? Anyway, I just wanted to come by and say hey. I sometimes get bogged down thinking that nobody really cares about what I post here. I mean none of it is really life changing. But I like to share things about myself, so I keep doing it. There’s also the idea that blogging should never be too personal. like you’re supposed to give people an idea of what you’re like, but never reveal too much. But I really don’t work that way. I know there are certain privacy concerns, but I hate feeling limited to certain topics or things that are supposedly acceptable. I’ve never made a real friend that kept me at arms length.

So once again I’m picking up my blogging hat. I’m saying that I will try to share more of myself without worrying that it will be too unfiltered. If you like that kind of thing maybe you’ll stick around?

Hope you are having a wonderful week. I promise I’ll be back with more nail polish mayhem, and who knows what else next week. :)


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  1. I know some people have privacy concerns and I do… Sort of. Blog about what you feel comfortable with and at some point you feel you shared too much those posts can be removed. Blog if you like blogging whether people read or not!
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