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Hey there! Happy Valentine’s Day to you. Whether you are single, dating, or married today is a day about love. So spread some with those around you.

All the loves of my life

All the loves of my life

The Mr. and I don’t have any super intense romantic plans tonight. We’re kind of in that place where we try to make everyday a little like Valentine’s Day. But that doesn’t mean we’re no fun.

I wanted to do something a little different this year. So I decided to make Valentines for the other people in our building. i went old school with construction paper and heart cut outs. It was so much fun. I also added in some Rice Krispie treats with heart sprinkles, because who doesn’t like a little sweetness? I figured that grown ups don’t get random Valentines like we used to in grade school.

Sweet Treats UniquelyBrandid

And of course I did a little Valentine’s manicure, because I couldn’t help myself. I think the candy colors are so much fun, and the little tiny hearts are making me smile every time I look down at my hands.

ValenMani UniquelyBrandid

So yeah, that’s my Valentine’s Day in a nutshell. What are you doing today? Do you have fancy plans? Are you going to do something nice for someone else? Tell me how you’re planning to share the love!


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  1. Great looking family you have there!

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