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Jan 162013


I try not to talk too much about my son here. Not because I don’t love him to pieces, but because I’m afraid it might become annoying to those of you without children. I’m not really a “mommy blogger” anyway. I just like to talk about things I like, and that includes my kid. So from now on there will probably be more posts about the bean. He is becoming increasingly independent, and as such, increasingly hilarious and at times trying. I hope that sharing little bites of our life together will give some of you a chuckle. And I hope that some of you will relate to this adventure we call parenting.

The bean has been learning to take care of things. As he approaches his second birthday he has become fond of being a “parent” to his toys. He has a set of little cloth dolls my mom bought for him when I was still pregnant. There’s Ez Jr. who has brown hair and blue eyes, just like the bean. There’s also a little twin boy and girl that he has named Tiggin and Andry. Where he came up with those names I will never know. He has been carrying Tiggin around for the last few weeks as he plays, including him in most of his daily activities. One afternoon he put him down for a nap. We have a sort of ritual that we do each bedtime with Ezra. He gets a hug, and a kiss, and a mugga (our term for Eskimo kisses). When he put Tiggin down for his nap he gave him a hug, a kiss, and a mugga. He also said,”Nap, Nap.” , and covered him with a corner of his blanket. It was adorable, and made me feel like we must be doing something right for him to be so loving toward his little guy.

Well today he turned the tables. He was walking around, with Tiggin in hand, when he started ranting at him. He didn’t yell, but he affected a very stern tone to his voice. He was telling him all the things he’s not allowed to do. These  ranged from no cookies, no pizza, to no boxes and no juice. Then he raised his index finger and shook it at the doll while saying, “Sit down.”  When he realized I was watching him, he pointed his finger at me and repeated the phrase,  then giggled.

I suppose I could feel badly about this. I mean who wants to think that their child only thinks of them as a disciplinarian? I could get all neurotic about it. I knew I would have to deal with my child mocking me at some point, but before his second birthday?  But I choose not to feel that way about this situation. The overall gist of things is that he’s learning. He’s listening to us, and he knows what we expect. He may not like all of the no’s, but he’s learning his boundaries. He’s even passing them on in his own little way.

As much as I don’t want to feel like the bad guy in this relationship with my little man, I’m glad to know that he can take me seriously. I also know that his rant represents a very small portion of what makes up his life. I know I don’t scream at him, or make him cry unnecessarily. I don’t bruise his spirit. I only challenge his will. And really, that’s my job. Someday it’s going to be his job too. And from what I’ve seen, he’s going to be amazing when the time comes. :)



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  1. That’s my hilarious ‘Little Gung’. I am proud of your way of getting him to where you need him; both emotionally and physically. We can add spiritually too. Keep it up, he will turn out to be a quality young man one day soon.

  2. He is so cute and reminds me so much of my nieces & nephews–who do the same things :)
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