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Jan 152013

Hey guys. It’s super late on Monday and I know that you’re all probably in bed already. But I’m writing anyway because it’s Monday and I want to show you my manicure.

If you aren’t aware by now I am a huge nerd. A huge nerd with a nail polish obsession. I’ve recently become intrigued by all the indie brands of nail polish available on sites like e bay and Esty. So early last week I decided to peruse all of the offerings on Esty. Boy did I hit the mother load! There are too many cool shops and concepts to name, so I decided to place and order with one shop just to see what I’d get.

If you remember a moment ago when I said I’m a nerd, then you will understand why I had a fan girl meltdown over the Big Bang Theory themed polishes from Different Dimension . I had to get all 4 (yes HAD to!). The collection takes some of the most well known elements of the show and translates them into polish. What I really appreciate about them, is that they are all thoughtfully crafted and spot on representations of my favorite idioms and motifs from the show. I feel like these are the polishes I would create myself as a  fan.

I was stalking the mailman all week. When they finally arrived Saturday,  I rushed to my manicure station (read my bed). I chose to try Penny!!! first.

Penny!!! Uniquelybrandid Label Shot

I was honestly not sure if I should even buy this color, because I’m generally not a huge fan of coppery or bronzey polishes. But when I opened my package I was glad I went with my gut. Penny!!! is a gorgeous shimmery copper base packed with brown and copper micro glitter accented by scattered larger brown and copper hexagonal glitter. But there’s also a fine sprinkling of holographic micro glitter, and it sets this polish on FIRE! It looks just like a bright, shiny, new penny. And the dark brown Glitter adds the look of pennies with a little patina on them. Just a brilliant polish all around!

Close up of the Penny!! in the bottle- with flash

Close up of the Penny!! in the bottle- with flash

Close up of Penny!!! in the bottle- no flash

Close up of Penny!!! in the bottle- no flash


I really liked the way the polish applied to my nails. The base was somewhat thick, but not clumpy and the glitter distribution was pretty flawless. I hate when I buy a glitter polish with different sized glitter and end up with half of one piece of glitter on my nail that I have to spend a bunch of time fishing out of the bottle. That was definitely not a problem with Penny!!! It was opaque in two coats and I got just the right amount of the glitter to give it amazing dimension.

All polished in Penny!!- Flash

All polished in Penny!!- Flash

Penny!!! on my nails - no flash

Penny!!! on my nails – no flash


I can definitely see myself wearing Penny!!! again. It will make a really great fall polish, and even a good summer selection. I can’t wait to give the rest of these polishes a test drive.  I think I’ll give Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty a try next week. I hope you’ll come back and visit then!

In the meantime, head on over to the MANICure Monday link up to see what’s going on with the other ladies this week.


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  1. Nice job! You are beginning to infect me with your manicure madness.I love the look of this one. I might have to pick me up a bottle of that.

  2. I like the color. It looks good on you :)
    Lorri S recently posted..Method Natural Dish SoapMy Profile

  3. I have been trying to stay away from Etsy and those polishes but I follow quite a bit of people on Instagram who swatch them so I know I will be venturing out soon!

    I love that color and it looks nice on your skin!
    Mimi recently posted..Style Me Friday- Cozy NeutralsMy Profile

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