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Dec 282012

Hey! Hey! it’s Friday! How was your Christmas? Our was pretty swell. The little dude got what seemed like a million things. He’s pretty well stocked for the time being The best part was that my husband was off work for 5 whole days. And he actually didn’t work ! (OK for the most part he didn’t work.) It was really nice to spend some uninterrupted family time together.  I got pretty spoiled this year too. I know there’s this idea that most ladies want expensive jewelry or cars or something for Christmas, but I’m really not that girl. I’m not one to brag, but I got my own custom made Louise Belcher hat. I know that absolutely EVERYONE in the world watches Bob’s Burgers, so I don’t have to explain what that is. But just in case we have visitor’s from far out nowhere on the blog today, I will add a little something here to catch everyone up.

This is Louise. That is her hat. She is my spirit animal. I now own a hat exactly like hers. Unfortunately I am NOT an 8 year old girl so I cannot get away with wearing my hat all day every day. But rest assured it was worn all Christmas day, and will be worn again. Probably just in my house, but you never know. I’m a wild child!

I know you’re jealous, and I would say don’t be, but who are we kidding? You totally SHOULD be!

So as you can see, we had a great holiday. But honestly I was a little disappointed to see so many people complaining about what they didn’t get. I heard so many stories about kids throwing fits over what their parents didn’t buy. It makes me sad.  I know this may be an un- popular opinion, but Christmas isn’t about getting. It has everything to do with GIVING. At least for us it does. God loved us and he GAVE  His only son. When Christmas comes, I get excited for the chance to give. I like giving my time, and my concern. I like to give kindness. I know we should do that everyday, and I really try to live my life that way. But Christmas is a special time for me, because we give joyfully and abundantly. It truly is a time when we are supposed to mirror the heart of God. We love because He first loved us. And so, we give because He gave to us. If all we are prepared to do is take, what kind of example can we be to those who are looking for the love of our Father? Just some food for thought. As we prepare to enter a new year, I would like to challenge us all to look into our hearts and find new ways to be a blessing to those around us. Let’s look for opportunities to reach out beyond our own wants or needs, to meet the needs of others. If we start by healing another’s wounds, we may find that our own hurting hearts will become healed in the process.

Stay blessed everyone! And have a great weekend.



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  1. I am so proud of who you turned out to be. I count it an honor and a privilege to be your mom.
    Love you.

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