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Dec 212012

Christmas is in 4 days! Can you believe it? Being a mom has made me really get into the spirit of creating traditions and special moments for my son. This year he’s almost 2 years old, so he’s starting to understand what’s going on.

I thought it would be fun to  make a stocking for each member of our family. We went to the fabric store and each picked out a fabric that caught our eye. The Bean even picked his own fabric. It’s very seasonally appropriate, too! I decided to do this kind of spur of the moment ( like most of my big ideas), so I just thought I’d wing it. Sometimes that pays off, and sometimes, not so much. Fortunately, this time, it did!

This is a really simple project. You’ll only need a few things, and it takes almost no time. We made all three stocking in less than an hour. I used Liquid Stitch, so there’s no sewing. Other than that you’ll need about 1/2 yard of fabric per stocking, scissors, a pattern, and ribbon for trim. A word about the pattern; you can freehand it onto tracing paper or some other paper, or you can find one online and print it out.

Supplies you’ll need to get started.


Step 1: Fold your fabric in half and pin down your pattern. This way you can cut both sides at once and avoid any difference in the two pieces.

Step 2: Cut around your pattern and you’ll end up with the 2 sides of your stocking.

Step 3: Cut 2 pieces of ribbon to the size of the top edge of your stocking. When gluing your ribbon, be sure to secure the edges and the middle to avoid the trim coming up once the stocking is finished. Place the ribbon so that it matches up with the top edge of the stocking pieces.

Step 4: Once you’ve secured your trim, take one side of the stocking and run a thin line of glue around the perimeter of the stocking about a 1/4″ from the edge, Try to make sure you leave the same amount of space all the way around. This will create your seam, so you want it to be as smooth as possible to avoid puckering.

Step 5: Carefully place the second piece on top of the first so that the right sides are against each other. Press gently all the way around to help seal them together. Let the glue dry for 3 to 4 hours before turning the stocking right side out. You can also take this opportunity to trim any overhanging ribbon from the sides of your stocking. This will help the whole thing lie more flat once it’s turned inside out.

Once the glue has dried. turn the stocking right side out, and Voila! Finished Christmas stockings for the whole family.


As you can see, this is a quick and easy craft for the whole family. If your kids are older, and can handle scissors, they can make their own!

Of course, I have a few tips to make things easier, since I did this with very little planning. Start out by pre -washing your fabric, and ironing it if need be. This will help when the time comes to glue your stocking together, because you won’t be fighting so hard to line things up. You may also choose to iron your seams flat before you turn your stocking right side out again. Just remember that if you use the Liquid Stitch, you won’t be able to iron your fabric  until the glue has had 24 hours to dry. Other than that, be creative. Add jewels, or monograms, or glitter  to yours.  I want to see some of your original creations!

I hope you all have a great weekend with friends and family. If you have last minute preparations for Christmas, don’t let yourself stress out too much. Remember to take a little time for yourself and enjoy the season.  God Bless!



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