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Sep 202012

Here’s something cute for you to look at! You’re welcome :)

Sep 172012

…it’s true. I’m also a huge nerd, a dork, a silly juvenile woman child sometimes, and the most responsible person you know, but only on the inside.

The truth is I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks. But I wanted to. I got caught up in how this whole blog thing is supposed to go. Well no more of that! This is my blog. I do things the way I like. I’d love to have you here. But if you don’t like how I do things, or you think I’m weird; or you just don’t like my fonts or theme or whatever, peace! No hard feelings. Seriously, none at all.

But I have to be me, folks. And that means that things around here may be random. I may rant about stupid things I hate that you find wonderful. To each his own.

They’re having web hosting sales all over the place. Feel free to buy your own corner of the internet. This one is mine.

Happy Monday,



Happy Monday Everyone! Today is Labor Day here in the U.S. , so many of you maybe relaxing poolside or hanging out by a grill. To those of you working today, kudos! I am enjoying a long weekend with my two favorite guys. Extra time as a family is always a blessing.

I wanted to bring you something a little different today. I think it’s important that as people, we take time to uplift and encourage one another in every positive endeavor. As such, I’m going to introduce you to a lovely lady, who is turning a passion and a gift into something she can share with the world.

Shayla Peterson is the driving force behind Pulling Strings, an inventive line of accessories that uses the classic technique of crochet. I first became aware of that stylishly talented lady through the Bloggers Like Me community on Facebook. Shayla kindly reached out to us with an offer to collaborate with her business. When I saw the beautiful hand crafted jewelry she was creating, I knew I had to do a feature on this up and coming designer.

Shayla’s interest in crochet started years ago, at the age of seven, when her aunt began to teach her this crafty skill. Flash forward 20 years, and Shayla found herself inspired to design. “I was thinking how different would that be; to have earrings to specifically match my outfits. So, I researched how to create crochet earrings. I began to literally create a pair for each outfit that was in my closet.” But be assured, these aren’t you ordinary earrings. “I love mixing colors and working with different yarns. I become inspired when I walk into a yarn store and I see aisle & aisle of yarn. Then, I find a comfortable chair and get to work (although it doesn’t feel like work). Because I’m using thread, strings, straw, silk and yarns to design my accessories, it makes for a light and carefree pair of earrings. Secondly, Pulling Strings’ customers can customize their own pair of earrings by style and color. Ladies appear to be in love with colors just as much as I am.”

Colorful Offerings From Pulling Strings

Shayla started producing items for customers just last spring. Early this summer, she gave birth to an adorable baby girl and the business took on a new facet. “I realized that Pulling Strings is just as important to me as it was before the birth of my daughter, but I knew I was going to make some changes. Since becoming a mom, I realized that 24 hours in a day is just not enough hours in a day. I learned fast that it was time to re-organize and simplify Pulling Strings’. A new baby develops a new set of time constraints. Pre-Baby, I had lots of free time to focus on the business. Post baby, my time is limited and I found myself crocheting when she naps. So I had to figure out which styles appealed to my customers and shift my focus there. I had to figure out how to optimize the time I have allotted for Pulling Strings’ business. This major change in my business has allowed me to spend less, but more effective time crocheting. Thus giving me the opportunity to spend quality time with my beautiful daughter and creating a healthy balance. Yes, the priorities for Pulling Strings have changed because I have to include my daughter into the work day. As a stay at home mom, my main priority is my daughter and I have to learn to work around her schedule. Whereas in the past, I could crochet all day long with minimal interruptions. I have to organize my day to make sure my families needs are met and that I complete orders in a timely manner.”

But with these changes, comes hope for the future.  There’s a chance for mom and daughter to connect on a new, deeper level. “I plan on teaching my daughter how to crochet during her school age years just as I was taught by my aunt at age 7. I would love her to embrace the skill and work with her mother. A few weeks ago at 2 1/2 months I took my daughter on her first trip to the yarn store. Her big brown eyes were wide as she saw all the colors and variations of yarns & fibers. I really enjoyed having her apart of the process and I cant wait to take her back again and again.”

So keep an eye out for Shayla and Pulling Strings. Within the next 5 years she plans to  to expand her business into boutiques nationally and internationally. Presently, she has unveiled her fall 2012 line on her website. And, this Super Woman is generous to boot! Shayla has graciously offered to give one lucky reader a pair of her new “Little Black Dress” earrings. Just like their namesake, these earrings are classic, elegant, and versatile.

New From The Fall 2012 Collection

To be eligible to win, just hop on over to my Facebook page. There will be a link to Pulling Strings’ fan page. You will need to comment on the post,and then click the link and like Shayla’s page as well. Because we want everyone to have an opportunity to win, please only comment once. The giveaway will run from today, Monday, September 3rd until Monday, September 10 at midnight EDT.

If you can’t wait that long, and you want to get your hands on some of these gorgeous accessories right now, head over to Pulling Strings. The fall collection goes on sale today, and you don’t want to miss out!

Many thanks to Shayla Peterson  for being an inspirational wife, mother, and entrepreneur. If you know someone leaving a positive mark on their little corner of the world, feel free to send me their information. I would love to feature more wonderful talented and giving people in spotlight posts. You can contact me at :

Have a wonderful day,




Sep 012012

Hey guys! I know I’ve been pretty unreliable this week. I love blogging so much, but sometimes when life gets hectic, I find it hard to focus and find inspiration. But never fear! Things will be back on track starting Monday. I have a really great collaboration coming up, and I’m truly excited.

The main thing I want to stress is that I do this because I love it. I don’t want to put things on this blog that I don’t really feel serve a purpose. I want this to be a place that people can come to get perspective; to learn, laugh, and be refreshed. I want to focus on quality over quantity.

I hope you will all stick with me through my growing pains. Thank you for being here now reading these words from my heart. I sincerely hope that my words can reach out and touch you just when you need them.

Have a blessed holiday weekend.



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