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Apr 012012

Hi there! Just late night random blogging because I feel like…. talking? It’s after midnight, and it feels like a billion degrees in here, but oh well.

Today has been a pretty wonderful day. Woke up this morning and went to church :) It’s crazy I’ve been here 5 years and haven’t been going consistently. It’s really important to me, but I think I was being resistant because I honestly don’t want to get too settled here.

Anyway, the service was good, and I love that my husband is really taking an interest in absorbing all God has to give. This is a big step for us, as a couple, and also as parents. There are so many things I learned growing up as a Christian, that I take for granted. I always assume everyone knows what it’s like to walk with God on a daily basis, but a lot of people don’t. Watching my husband come to know Christ, and surrender his life these last few years has been a totally eye-opening experience. It’s such a blessing to share in his life and watch his testimony grow. I’m also excited to watch how his salvation changes his relationship with me, with our son, and with those he comes in contact with on a daily basis. I’m proud that our home will be a safe spiritually sound place for our son to grow up.

I have really come to appreciate the hope and assurance knowing God from a young age can cement in your life.¬† This time has also challenged me to take a step back and really look at the world around me. How many people do things they really believe to be righteous every day, but leave God out of their hearts? How many¬† live lives full of chaos and upheaval only because they don’t know the one who can calm the storm? Why do I assume that everyone knows the depth of God’s saving grace?

So many people in this world are truly hurting. They are truly alone, and feel as if there is no answer. It’s easy to sit with the knowledge of Christ’s love for us and assume that others just refuse Him. They must know, but choose not to accept, right? The answer is, no. So, instead of chastising those we don’t understand, let’s learn to see them as our Father does. He wants us all living life to the fullest. He came to give life more abundantly.

Step outside of your comfortable place of knowledge, and learn to really understand others. I don’t believe there are people who really want to live miserable lives. So why don’t we help them see the path to a more glorious way of life? Let’s share the goodness of our best friend with the world, in a way that gives them hope and an assurance of love.

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